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The Royals Cafe

To feed your hunger and appetite, we have an enormous range of food items. We offer Italian and Mexican cuisines., and our specialty is to serve beverage and sandwiches.


You will lick your fingers after eating the delicious and fabulous preparations served at our restaurant.

We have two separate zones for bachelors and families arriving at the club. Our dedicated food zones help the people in remaining comfortable while enjoying the cuisines of our club.

We have a full range of coffees, flavouredshakes  and mocktails While making the food tasty, we also focus on the levels of hygiene. 

We look forward to serve you with our delicious and tasty dishes, and make your arrival memorable and valueable. We are always ready to host parties and gatherings of around 500 people. Bookings are to be made at least 20 days in advance.

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