Game & Safety Rules

Game Rules

When a paintball bullet splits open on impact, and you are colored, you are declared “out” or eliminated from the game, as per the rules of the particular task being played.

Paint marks on the entire body, including the gun, are declared out. If you are colored by paint hitting an obstacle and splashing on you, its not declared “out”. If you have chosen to play some different format of the game, where some specific body parts to be hit like only ‘head shots’, or only ‘chest shots’ to be considered as “out”, then those rules would apply.

Any player who wipes the paint off themselves, during a game is cheating and will be disqualified.

Once a player is out, he/she should walk out of the field, with his/her MARKER RAISED UP, depending upon the rules of the game. Other players should not shoot a dead player. He/she can join back in the next round.

Marshal will be inside the field to Monitor the game. Marshal’s decision will be final.

Minimum match duration is 10 minutes or till the person out of stock of paintballs , whichever finishes earlier. Maximum match duration depends on the rules of the chosen game.

Players can not pick up used or fallen bullets from the field and re-use them. Players found doing so will be disqualified, and immediately evicted from the field.

Players who are eliminated & spectators, cannot by word or gesture, indicate any intentions or locations of the opponents to their teammates. This rule applies more to tournament and league matches. In a friendly match, prompting adds to the excitement of the game.

Players are not allowed to shoot or get aggressive with the marshals or our staff. Players found doing so, would be immediately asked to leave.

Marshals decision is considered final.

Physical contact of any kind is not allowed during game.

Players & Spectators are not allowed to use abusive language.

Safety Rules

Safety Face Masks must be worn at all times during game play and while inside the playing arena. At no stage can a player remove his/her face mask during the game.

If you are shot on the face mask or you can’t see while wearing the mask, call a referee who will assist you. Any player found lifting his/her Face mask will be taken off the field immediately.

Outside the arena the PAINTBALL markers should be put on to the SAFE MODE and must be carried with the barrel pointing towards the ground, with the barrel covers on.

Minimum shooting distance of 5 meters should be observed while shooting the opponent. If you get closer than 5 meters, then no firing will be allowed. The players will have to move apart until 5 meters is maintained, and then shoot.

The following people are not to be shot at, under any circumstances:

(i) Anyone who is not wearing a mask
      (ii) Anyone who is not playing the game
      (iii) Any referee/marshal
      (iv) Anyone who is already “out”
      (v) Spectators

All the above Safety Rules MUST be observed under all circumstances.

Players must LISTEN To Referees at all times during matches.

Referee’s decision will be considered final at all times.

Players should be honest & accept when they are considered “out”.

Strategy & Tactics


In Paintball Game, either you play solo or free-for-all match, it is important to consider three strategic actions– Shield, Movement and Boldness. During your first several games these keywords will help you stay longer in the game.

Shield: Shield is very important part of the game, first cover yourself under a bunker, tyre or drum and help you to avoid getting hit. Try to avoid minimal cover and plan your movements from one post to another. Avoiding large and open spaces means your challengers must work hard to hit.

Movement: While taking shield it is important, not to stay at one post for longer duration, so keep moving on to next post. Remaining at one place for longer duration will make you bore and possibly allow your opponents to flank you. Advised to continue moving around, making sure to lay down on ground and fire against any approaching enemies.

Boldness: Boldness plays vital role in war zone, not having enough confidence will lead to a panicky situation that might get you hit. Similarly, overconfidence may lead to exposing yourself. Paintball may be a fast and active sport, but still is a game of strategy, not luck. Always check every direction and don’t make rash decisions. Playing as a part of team requires cooperation and good communication skills. Depending on the type of game and strategy you may find yourself making some decisions to set a plan. So it’s good to get your team a team leader before starting the game.


Below are some tips that can be used to improve your game without charging any more than you already spend:

Tour of Field: Take a round of the field and make your own strategy, how to play and know the locations of best cover.

Don’t Try To Be The Hero: Paintball players have a tendency to want to be the star of the show and that often gets them into trouble. If you want occasional individual glory, feel free to try every game to win on your own. If, though, you actually want to win regularly, focus on teamwork and strategy.

Strategy: A good team strategy will almost win against opponents in any situation. Make sure you all work together and act according to your plan. This will never let you lose the game.

Tour of Field: Take a round of the field and make your own strategy, how to play and know the locations of best cover.

Communication: The more you communicate the better you will perform in the battle field. Communication will help you to keep track of opponent players on the field and this will help you to coordinate attacks.

Target Before You Fire: It is always advisable to aim your target before you shoot. Even it’s easy to fire lots of paintballs but that should shot into your target, after the first shot your opponent knows to move and have much smaller chance of getting hits….